The 2018 NWLA Tournament Field is Set!

The application deadline has come and gone and 20 teams have signed up to compete in the 2018 NWLA Tournament! This year, we have teams from 12 states spanning from Minnesota to Florida to Massachusetts and everywhere in between. 12 teams are automatically qualified for the National Tournament in Morenci, MI on July 13-15, and the other 8 teams will battle for the final 4 spots in Indianapolis, IN on June 9th! Here’s a final look at the field:

Guaranteed National Placement If Meeting Criteria (July 13-15, Morenci, MI)
-Wiffle in Southeast Michigan
-Skibbe Wiffleball League
-Home Run League
-Ridley Park Wiffleball League
-Kalamazoo Wiffle League
-Minnesota Wiffleball Association
-Tampa Bay Wiffleball
-Ontario County Wiffle Association
-Backyard Wiffle Ball League
-American Wiffleball Association of America
-Wiff Is Life League
-Backyard Wiffle Association of Chicago’s Southside

Regional Placement If Meeting Criteria (June 9, Indianapolis, IN)
-Indy Southside Wiffle Ball
-Griffleball League
-Brew City Wiffleball
-Potomac Wiffleball League
-Bloomsburg Wiffle Club
-Huntington Wiffleball League
-Mequon Wiffleball League
-Greater Auburn Wiffleball League

Player Transfer Rule Update

The Host Committee hosted an open forum on Monday for commissioners to voice their opinions on the new player transfer rules. We’d like to thank those who participated and have taken their thoughts into account. Given this, and various discussions within the Host Committee, we have come up with the following decision:

The Host Committee has decided to delay the new Player Transfer rule, scheduled to begin this year, until the 2019 NWLA Tournament. All player movements for this year will be allowed, as long as that player meets the regular player requirements set forth by the Committee. The Committee feels the rule holds up as it stands, however, the implementation was rushed. This move will give teams a chance to get things together this year, as well as figure out future plans.

We apologize to anyone this may have affected. We realize that a late decision on this is not ideal, and for that reason, have extended the application deadline to May 1st. Please feel free to reach out to the Host Committee for further discussion on the topic.

Indianapolis Set to Host 2018 NWLA Tournament Regional Round on June 9th

The NWLA Tournament Organizing Committee has selected Indianapolis, IN as the host of the 2018 Regional Round! The Committee felt that given the location and strong application submitted by Indy Southside Wiffle Ball, they would be the best selection for the Regional Round. The Dirtyard, which has been newly renovated for 2018, will play host to its’ first NWLA Tournament games on June 9th, 2018. A Regional format and schedule will be listed at a later date.

The Committee would also like to thank the other applicants. We had a great turnout this year and had a difficult decisions to make.

As a reminder, April 1st is the deadline for teams to apply AND pay the $300 entry fee for inclusion in the Tournament for 2018. And another reminder, if you go to Regionals and do not make Nationals, you will be refunded $150.

See you in Indianapolis!

2018 NWLA Tournament Team and Regional Host Applications

Team and Regional Host applications are out now! Register your team today!

As a reminder, the Regional Round of the 2018 NWLA Tournament will take place in early June, while the National Round will be July 13-15 in Morenci, MI. The registration fee for the tournament is $300. If you do not qualify for Nationals, $150 will be refunded to you.

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