WSEM Dads Crowned Champions of 2017 Tournament

The Wiffle in Southeast Michigan (WSEM) Dads won the 2017 NWLA Tournament Presented by Visit Lenawee, in Morenci, Michigan, on July 16, 2017. This was the third championship for WSEM, as they won in dominating fashion. They only allowed four (4) runs all tournament, and finished with a 7-0-1 overall record.

2017 Home Run Derby presented by D&P Communications Matchups

We have 11 of the best home run hitters in the NWLA ready to go for Friday’s Home Run Derby presented by D&P Communications. With the PWL Contestant dropping out, the committee has decided to award defending champion Tyler Flakne of HRL a bye along with the Top 4 from last year’s tournament. The seeds are as follows:

1.) Chris Roeder, OCWA
2.) Scott Pohle, SWBL
3.) Kyle Tomlinson, WSEM
4.) Michael Harley, TBW
5.) Tyler Flakne, HRL
6.) Justin Gregory, KWL
7.) Jared Jonkman, LWA
8.) Matt Butrym, HFWB
9.) Tyler Roush, HWL
10.) Ronnie Pantik, BWACS
11.) Sean Bingnear, RPWL

The First Round Matchups will be:

  1. Gregory vs #11 Bingnear
  2. Jonkman vs #10 Pantik
  3. Butrym vs #9 Roush

The Second Round Matchups will be:

  1. Roeder vs #8/9
  2. Pohle vs #7/10
  3. Tomlinson vs #6/11
  4. Harley vs #5 Flakne

As a reminder, each contestant will get 2 minutes to hit as many home runs as possible. This is a single-elimination bracket, with the most home runs in the matchup moving on. If the two batters tie, there will be a 1 minute swing off. If it remains tied, they will then go swing-for-swing until a winner is determined.

2017 Tournament Qualifiers & Information on Nationals in Morenci

The NWLA Tournament Presented by Visit Lenawee Regionals are now finished, and we have our field of 16 set for the National Tournament next month in Morenci, MI. Regionals was changed from four (4) locations to two (2), with the top eight (8) teams from the 2016 Tournament not playing. Seven (7) teams played in each regional. BWBL in Wilkes-Barre, PA, hosted the East Regional, with HRL in Eagan, MN, hosting the West Regional. Each team played four (4) opening round games, with the top three (3) teams qualifying. The bottom four (4) teams then played a single-elimination “death” tournament to determine the final spot.

In MN, Griffleball, HRL, and MNWA were the top three (3) teams, with BWACS winning the death bracket. In PA, AWAA, WILL, and BWBL finished top three (3), with RPWL winning the death bracket.

We expect all teams who qualified to come to Morenci, but we ask that those teams confirm that they will be coming by June 19, 2017, at 12:00 p.m. by informing NWLA Tournament Committee Member Sam Skibbe at

We have some hotel rooms reserved at a discount rate. They are the following:

  • Holiday Inn Express (Adrian, MI) (517) 265 – 5700
    • Mention you are part of the “wiffleball” to receive a room rate of $129.99 for a Double Room; $124.99 for a Single Room (plus taxes) at the Holiday Inn Express
  • Super 8 (Adrian, MI) (517) 265 – 8888
    • Mention you are part of the “wiffleball” to receive a room rate of $109.00 (plus taxes) at the Super 8
Top 8 from 2016 PA Qualifiers MN Qualifiers