Bloomsburg Wiffle Club Out of Regional, Schedule and Rules Posted

The Bloomsburg Wiffle Club will not be attending the 2018 NWLA Tournament Regional Round, so the Regional schedule has been modified. The format will be exactly the same as last year’s Regionals, with four preliminary games (generated by the live draft and a random scheduler) and a bracket. After the preliminaries, the top three teams will be qualified for Nationals, while the remaining four teams will be seeded and placed into the single elimination bracket to decide the fourth and final spot in Morenci!

The rules committee met Sunday, June 3rd, and adopted the 2018 rules.

  • Final Adopted Rules [ pdf ]

Only two changes were made. A baserunner inadvertently leaving the base will be given one warning per team per game before being called out. Also, the lead force and batter-runner will now be the only players affected by the force out rule. All other force outs will not be considered.

Play begins at 9 am on Saturday, with the bracket play taking place under the lights! Currently, the weather looks iffy, so the schedule can be condensed to fit around any delays we may have. We WILL play through rain as long as the conditions are deemed safe and competitive. Updates and live streams will be provided through the NWLA Tournament Twitter and Facebook!