2017 Home Run Derby presented by D&P Communications Matchups

We have 11 of the best home run hitters in the NWLA ready to go for Friday’s Home Run Derby presented by D&P Communications. With the PWL Contestant dropping out, the committee has decided to award defending champion Tyler Flakne of HRL a bye along with the Top 4 from last year’s tournament. The seeds are as follows:

1.) Chris Roeder, OCWA
2.) Scott Pohle, SWBL
3.) Kyle Tomlinson, WSEM
4.) Michael Harley, TBW
5.) Tyler Flakne, HRL
6.) Justin Gregory, KWL
7.) Jared Jonkman, LWA
8.) Matt Butrym, HFWB
9.) Tyler Roush, HWL
10.) Ronnie Pantik, BWACS
11.) Sean Bingnear, RPWL

The First Round Matchups will be:

  1. Gregory vs #11 Bingnear
  2. Jonkman vs #10 Pantik
  3. Butrym vs #9 Roush

The Second Round Matchups will be:

  1. Roeder vs #8/9
  2. Pohle vs #7/10
  3. Tomlinson vs #6/11
  4. Harley vs #5 Flakne

As a reminder, each contestant will get 2 minutes to hit as many home runs as possible. This is a single-elimination bracket, with the most home runs in the matchup moving on. If the two batters tie, there will be a 1 minute swing off. If it remains tied, they will then go swing-for-swing until a winner is determined.