2017 Rules Call

The rules committee met Sunday, May 7th, and adopted the 2017 rules.

Only two changes were made:
1. Teams can now use the Designated Hitter for any position on the field, not just the pitcher’s spot. You may still only use one DH in your lineup, but you can now DH for the right and left fielder as well as the pitcher. (Vote: 10-3)
2. On all future rules calls, new leagues will not be invited to propose new rules or vote on new rules. This gives them a chance to see how the tournament is played before making suggestions. (Vote: 12-1)

Another rule that was adopted into the tournament rule book by the tournament committee, was the requirement of having four people in your hitting lineup at all times. So the new roster size is a minimum of 4 players.

13 of the 22 leagues were represented on the call.

Several proposals failed, including adding a safety base (Vote: 4-9), changing the max innings pitched in a game to 5 innings (Vote: 0-13), and pitcher must keep their foot on the rubber for duration of wind up (Vote: 2-10)

As a reminder here are the new league/player eligibility requirements for 2017 as well:
1.) League must be an NWLA recognized league.
2.) Leagues must have a league website with 2017 content posted, a posted minimum 10 game schedule, and up-to-date statistics.
3.) League must have a minimum of 4 active teams in 2017.
4.) Each player on a league roster must play one (1) league game before their assigned Regional.
5.) Each player on a league roster must play five (5) league games before Nationals.
6.) The League must have video and statistical evidence that each ROSTERED player meets these requirements.

Rule book will be updated and posted on the website in the coming week.