2018 Registered Teams

These teams have registered for the 2018 NWLA Tournament!

Guaranteed National Placement If Meeting Criteria (July 13-15, Morenci, MI)
-Wiffle in Southeast Michigan (PAID)
-Skibbe Wiffleball League (PAID)
-Minnesota Wiffleball Association (PAID)
-Ontario County Wiffle Association (PAID)
-Backyard Wiffle Ball League (PAID)
-American Wiffleball Association of America
-Wiff Is Life League (PAID)
-Kalamazoo Wiffle League (PAID)
-Ridley Park Wiffleball League (PAID)
-Backyard Wiffle Association of Chicago’s Southside (PAID)
-Home Run League (PAID)
-Tampa Bay Wiffleball

Regional Placement If Meeting Criteria (June 9, Indianapolis, IN)
-Indy Southside Wiffle Ball (PAID)
-Griffleball League (PAID)
-Brew City Wiffleball (PAID)
-Potomac Wiffleball League (PAID)
-Bloomsburg Wiffle Club
-Huntington Wiffleball League (PAID)
-Mequon Wiffleball League (PAID)
-Greater Auburn Wiffleball League